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Freitag, 30. März 2012, 18:34

Connect Nav+ Firmware 12.2 fehlgeschlagen. Hilfe

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habe im hier neue Firmware 12.2 für Connect Nav+ gefunden. Laut Anleitung auch bei meinem Croma versucht es zu installieren.

"UPDATING PROCEDURE Connect Nav(Italian to English translation)
1) By car turn off the Connect from off switch.
2) Insert the software update and wait for the appearance of the window "CD Error".
3) Turn off the Connect from off switch.
4) After a moment, turn the ignition key from Connect.
5) The display shows the message: "FLASHER PROGRAM" with the sequence of operations that are happening.
6) Press in quick succession and without interruption the following
buttons: low 3-4-5-6 from the roadside and then the fast forward button,
7) A double flash of the keys across the front of the confirmation of the recognition sequence.

8) After a few seconds, the sequence of operations is implemented until loading is complete.

9) The CD is ejected automatically, remove it.
10) The reappearance of the logo of the car, turn on the Connect button on / off.
11) The transaction was completed: Connect is operating.

Where for any reason (eg incorrect introduction of the sequence of
keys), the update process fails, the system automatically turns off and
on again with no more see the logo of the car.

In this situation (with black screen), type the key sequence of point 6)
and wait for the appearance of a status message of the update, in which
case the display could delay a few seconds.

Subsequently, the device will repeat the sequence twice to power on / off, and then goes off completely.

It should then start from Step 4)."

Leider ist die Installation am Punkt 6 gescheitert. Der Code 3456 wird bei mir nicht angenommen (denke ich), da die Installation nicht fortgesetzt wird. Das Problem ist, jetzt bleibt mein Display dunkel. Kennt jemand diese Firmware oder weiss jemand wie ich wieder die alte aufspielen kann?

Fiat Croma 1,9 Multijet Automatik

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